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Hyperbaric Chamer Oxygen Mask

Name:Hyperbaric Chamer Oxygen Mask
Details :
Products Name Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Mask
Type Inflatable; Not inflatable
Size Large; Middle; Small (052; 051; 041; 031; 021; 011)
Advantages 1. Reasonable structural design and comfortable to wear.
2. Using conveniently and effectively, could avoid cross infection.
3. Suitable for high flow oxygen; Gas poisoning; Lack of oxygen to the brain or heart.
Applicable Scope Hyperbaric chamber department; Rehabilitation Department; Emergency departments.

Certification: CE/ISO13485

 Component: The Oxygen Mask Is Composed By Mask, Elbow, Pipe Tee, Sylphon Bellows, Suction Valve, Exhalation Valve, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Pipe Joint. There Would Be No Leakage During Use For Each Joints Of Product Are Immobility. The Mask Has Reasonable Structural Design And Comfortable To Wear. It Can Be Used Conveniently And Effectively Avoid Cross Infection.     Suitable For High Flow Oxygen, Gas Poisoning, Lack Of Oxygen To The Brain Or Heart.

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